Exciting Pickleball Vacation

We'll locate a Trip for you OR We'll design and run it for you

Pickleball Travel Services initiates and manages Pickleball Trips, Vacations, Tours and Events to various U.S. and World-Wide locations.  Collectively, we’ll call these activities a “Trip”.

We'll Design and Sponsor Pickleball Trips. First, check out the Trips that are being offered. Many times a Trip Sponsor will lower the price or add features and tours to fill-out a Trip. If you don't find what you want, tell us and we'll either locate it for you OR we'll design a Trip for you.

We Provide Trip Medical Cost Reimbursement:  Trip Medical will reimburse you the cost for any Medical Service you may need when on a Pickleball Trip.

Custom Apparel:  Make your Trip even more memorable. Have designed and made for you and others court & social apparel, bags and more. Check-out our prices.

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