Facility Medical Cost Reimbursement

Playing Pickleball Has a Higher Risk of Injury

Fact 1:  Having any injury will be expensive for the Player!

Fact 2:  Having an injury at your Pickleball Facility could result in a call from an attorney!

Don't take these risks!

Here's Your Medical Cost Reimbursement Benefits:

You, your staff and Facility Participants are covered from the time they arrive at your Facility until they leave.

Medical Costs are Reimbursed directly to your Participant.

  Participants can use any Medical Provider and any Medical Service.

  No Deductible or Co-Insurance - Only an Affordable Co-Pay.

Your Compensation:

  You receive our Wholesale Price. You choose the Retail Price your offer to your Facility Participants.

  Include Facility Medical on all Facility Memberships. This gives your Facility a great selling benefit and the greatest financial protection for you and your Facility.

  Offer Facility Medical at time of admission. Consider some facilities require proof of healthcare insurance to play.  This gives you needed legal & financial protection.

  Offer our Universal Healthcare to all your Facility Members. Increase your compensation.  You will receive additional, long-term, recurring compensation.

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