For Pickleball Trip/Vacation Sponsors & Operators

Want Some Help?

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This page is for those who have run Pickleball Trips / Vacations
OR those who want us to design and offer a Pickleball Trip / Vacation.

There are many functions needing to be correctly done to have a successful Pickleball Trip.  Some functions you may not want to do.  This is where we can help.  Simply choose the functions you want to do, we'll do the rest.

Trip/Vacation Design:  We can design a Trip/Vacation for you.  Just give us some details.
Transportation:  Air, Sea and Land including land tours.
Lodging:  All inclusive, Off-site, VRBO and other options.
Promotion & Marketing:  We will promote your Trip/Vacation using our Global Marketing Service,
Payment & Collection:  We can do your payment collection and bill paying.
Travel & Medical Coverage: This is likely one function you don't or can't do. You need to offer or include Trip/Vacation Medical Coverage with every Trip/Vacation.  We'll supply it and compensate you for including it on all your Trips/Vacations.  Contact us for details!
Professional Instruction: This should be provided by either a certified pro-instructor or a non-pro who has the skills and temperament to offer instructions.
Medical Staff: We have medical personal available to play pickleball and treat medical issues.

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