Employer Group Healthcare

Our Employer Group Healthcare Replaces Traditional Unaffordable Group Insurance!

Look at these facts.  Our Group Healthcare plan eliminates each of these problems.  Our Employer Healthcare Plan is, on average, 50% less expensive than any Group Plan.  And each Employer Healthcare Plan is personalized by each employee and staff member.

Fact 1:  Group Health insurance plans are virtually identical to individual health plans.  Except, both are unaffordable for most people.

Fact 2:  Group Plans are 10% to 20% more expensive than individual health insurance.  Higher commissions are usually paid to the sales person who sells you a Group Plan.

Fact 3:  Group Plans cannot be tailored to the diverse needs of a single 18 year old compared to a 40 year old with a family.

Fact 4:  Group Plans often do not include or even allow the inclusion of family members.

Fact 5:  Group Plans require you to use their doctors. You doctor may be "Out-of-Network" and cannot be used.

Fact 6:  Most Group Plans have an annual out-of-pocket cost (deductible + co-insurance) of $8,000 or more. Making the Plan unaffordable to use.

Fact 7:  Most Group Plans are often financial subsidized by the employer to make the monthly cost more affordable. However, most employers do not subsidized the unaffordable out-of-pocket cost.

Fact 8:  Resulting in an employer paying the cost of a Group Plan that none of the staff can afford to use for non-routine medical services.

The Good News. We have a much more affordable solution for Employer Healthcare!

As a Pickleball Cooperative Member your Employer Healthcare Plan monthly price is subsidized by the Pickleball Cooperative.

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