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A Pickleball Concierge is a person or company who promotes our Pickleball Products and Services.

What You Get when you are a Pickleball Concierge! 

  Great Compensation
  Free Healthcare
  Email and Website
  Training & Team Support
  Your Own Business

How You Are compensated!  Introduce our Products and Services to all persons interested in Pickleball.  Then either refer the person to us or make a sale.

Referral Compensation:  Simply send us the person's contact information and the Pickleball Product or Service they want.  We'll take it from there.

One-Time Compensation:  Usually this is when the price is paid once for such things as, paddles, clothing & Trips, etc.

Recurring Compensation: This is when you sell a product or service, that has a recurring payment, such as Universal Healthcare.  Recurring Compensation pays you each month, year after year, as long as the person continues to pay for the Pickleball Product or Service you sold.  Recurring Compensation is the best way to build a Business, have continual income so you can take time off and still get paid.

The Benefits You Can Receive:

Free Healthcare:  Use any doctor, any medical service anywhere in the world.  Get discounted medications.  Receive Cash Reimbursements for your Medical Services.  No need to have traditional, unaffordable health insurance.

Email & Website Support:  We'll help you get a great pickleball email address from GoDaddy.  Also, if you need a Website designed or your current Website enhanced, including hosting, we'll do it for you.

Training & Home Office Support:  We use ZOOM and other electronic aids. In addition, you will have an experienced Pickleball Concierge available to assist you.

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