First,  we're here to help Everyone locate, purchase and sell "Everything Pickleball".

Next, we have two audiences.  Those of us who just want to play Pickleball and socialize, and businesses that want to sell you a Pickleball Product or Service.  We're here to help both of our audiences.

How do we Serve both ?  There are many small companies, even individuals, selling great pickleball products and services.  Our Website can't list "Everything Pickleball", so we had to take a different approach.

Our business model is similar to Amazon, one of the greatest retail, on-line ventures ever created.  We created the "Global Marketplace" and "Business Services" for all Pickleball Providers.  We're here not to compete, but to assist in their success.

Next, we had to make it easier for you, the Pickleball Consumer, to locate and purchase what you want.  So, we created three, unique Pickleball Services.

Our Concierge Service:  Our Concierge Service is pattered after the services offered by a "Hotel Concierge".  If you need anything;  tickets to a show, travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, the Hotel Concierge will get it for you. 

With our Concierge Service, you tell us what you want and we'll go find it for you.  We make it easier for you to find and purchase any Pickleball Product or Service you want.

Our Buying Service:  You and the Concierge can use the Buying-Bidding Service Search Form to tell us what you want.  We'll then search the universe for the Product or Service you requested.  When we find your Product or Service, we'll negotiate to get you the best price.  We may find other options you may like, that will be presented to you.

Our Bidding Service:  On the Buying-Bidding Service Form you can tell us the "Bid" price you are willing to pay, like eBay.  We'll present your "Bid" to the "Pickleball World" to get you the price you requested.

Lastly, to make it easier for you to Navigate to where you want to go, there are Menus and "Quick-Links".  Also, many "Paragraphs" have "Hot-Links" to the subject being presented.

Always, you can contact us or have us contact you with questions or request help. 

Thanks for your interest and support of your Pickleball Cooperative.

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